Dishwasher Maintenance Advice From Our Appliance Technicians In Maple Ridge, BC

Learn about the 4 essential things you can do to keep your dishwasher running smoothly and error-free for years on end.

It’s no sort of secret that the dishwasher is one of the most important appliances around the modern household.

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Sure, you can live without it, wash dishes by hand – but think of just how much time and effort that would all take compared to just throwing everything into the dishwasher and pressing a button.

Undeniably, dishwashers save us a tonne of time in our daily lives.

And that’s why maintaining them well to prevent them from breaking is hugely important.

Below, we’ll share some of the best advice on maintaining your dishwashers, from our team of professional dishwasher repair technicians in Maple Ridge, BC.

Follow our professional dishwasher maintenance advice to keep your dishwasher alive and running smoothly for years to come.
Follow our professional dishwasher maintenance advice to keep your dishwasher alive and running smoothly for years to come.

When Should You Do Dishwasher Maintenance?

Generally, maintenance is a preventative measure – meaning any time’s the right time to do it.

However, if you feel that the dishwasher’s effectiveness is dropping off or if there are any pre-error signs like bad smells, wear & tear or leaks going on – it’s definitely a good time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.


How Long Does The Average Dishwasher Last?

In our experience, you should expect the average dishwasher to serve you well for around 8-10 years.

And while you can definitely prolong the lifespan of your appliance with some repairs and more maintenance, it’s not going to change the fact that it just wasn’t designed to last much longer than that.

After that milestone, you’ll see an increasing stream of problems with your dishwasher and you’ll be investing more and more time or money into keeping it alive than it’s worth.

However, as with all things – how you use the dishwasher and how often you use it has a big role to play in how quickly it’ll run its course.


What Can You Do To Make Your Dishwasher Last Longer?

It’s inevitable that your dishwasher will malfunction one day. 

However, you can significantly prolong its lifespan and keep it running smoothly by making good use of the following tips and tricks.


1. Clean Your Dishwasher Regularly

Empty the food trap, pre-rinse your dishes before putting them in and make sure that you wipe down any gunk buildup inside of the dishwasher.

This will help keep your unit operating at peak efficiency!

In addition to this, wipe down the gasket (the rubber door seal) regularly to make sure that the door can close properly and won’t leak.


2. Don’t Put Too Many Dishes In

It should come as no surprise that overfilling your dishwasher not only leaves you with dirty dishes, but it can also damage the dishwasher as it prevents proper operation.

As such, it’s important that you don’t try to stuff your dishwasher beyond capacity. Instead, try to leave a bit of room between items to maximize the cleaning power and efficiency of your unit.


3. Dishwashers Are For Dishes

While that’s a pretty intuitive statement for most – you’d be surprised how many times we pull someone’s dirty shoes out of the dishwasher while doing repair calls here in Maple Ridge, BC.

The dishwasher doesn’t double-over as a conveniently sized small-garment washing machine. Especially for shoes and anything that could carry dirt into the appliance.

This dirt could absolutely wreck your dishwasher from the inside as it’s not anywhere near being equipped to handle that sort of participate.

So make sure that you keep your dishwasher reserved for dishes only.


4. Use Hot Water, Not Cold

Of course, it may be tempting to use cold water to save a little bit of cash on occasion – it’s actually incredibly ineffective.

In order to fully sanitize your dishes, a good combination of a proper detergent and some high washing temperatures are needed. And it also helps your appliance run far more efficiently.


5. Air-Dry Dishes Instead Of Using The Heat Drying Function

While it might seem tempting to just leave the heat drying function turned on – you can actually save a bit of money on electricity and keep your unit running for longer by air drying your dishes.

Just pop the door open once the cycle is done and give your dishes 20-30 minutes to dry off by themselves.

The heat drying function puts a lot of unnecessary stress on your dishwasher, without offering you a whole lot of time savings in return.


Closing Thoughts

While like most other appliances, all dishwashers do eventually break down – in today’s post, we’ve introduced you to a few small things that you can start doing around the house to keep your dishwasher alive and operating error-free for longer.

And if you ever need help with repairing or maintaining your dishwasher – don’t be shy and give our team of appliance technicians a call. Here at Simplyfix Appliance Repair in Maple Ridge, BC, we’re around 7 days a week to help you take care of your broken household appliances.



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