Dryer Not Heating? The Top 5 Reasons and At-Home Solutions to Try

Is your dryer not heating up? Here are our top tips on diagnosing and fixing this issue at home.

You wait for the dryer to finish, and expect to pull out fresh-smelling, clean, and dry laundry. To your surprise, you pop the lid on the machine to find your clothes are still damp and feel cold – what gives?

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Dryers are like any other appliance, and they have the risk of malfunction. When your dryer’s losing heat, it means there’s something wrong with the machine’s internals. Fortunately, you don’t need a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering to resolve this problem.

In this post, we’ll give you a few tips to inspect your dryer yourself. Follow our recommendations and see how far you get.

Is your dryer not heating up? Don't worry - here are our top tips on how to diagnose and even potentially fix it at home!
Is your dryer not heating up? Don't worry - here are our top tips on how to diagnose and even potentially fix it at home!

An Overview Of The Top Reasons Why The Dryer Isn’t Heating

  1. Blockages in the venting.
  2. Limited or no gas or electricity to the machine.
  3. Clogs in the lint screen.
  4. Overloading the machine.
  5. The washer spin cycle leaves clothes too wet

Let’s unpack each of these reasons in further detail to help you with your repair.


#1 Blockages In The Vents

A blocked dryer vent is the most common cause of quite a few dryer malfunctions, and it also presents a potential fire hazard for your home.

To check for a blockage in the dryer vent, start a dry cycle on high heat. Look at the vent on the rear of the machine. Place your hand over the exit to check for the presence of warm or hot air exiting the machine.

If the airflow from the dryer is minimal, it’s a sign that there’s a blockage, and your machine needs the vent cleaned or replaced. If the air feels cool, then there might be a fault in the electrical system or another issue that requires the assistance of appliance repair technicians in Maple Ridge to fix.


#2 Limited Gas Or Electricity To The Dryer

If no electricity or gas is going to the dryer, it’s not going to operate. If your appliance isn’t working properly, it could be an issue with one of the two lines supplying power to the machine. Unfortunately, you’ll definitely need the help of a licensed technician to properly diagnose and resolve the problem.


#3 Clogs In The Lint Screen

Clogs in the lint screen prevent efficient airflow as the passing air is prevented from entering the drying chamber. Remove the lint screen and wash it with light soapy water to remove any potential blockages. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub out the heavier blockages.


#4 Overloading The Machine

If you pack the machine too full, beyond it’s operating capacity, it results in damp clothes. Make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations on how big of a load you should be drying at any one given time.


#5 The Washer Spin Cycle Leaves Clothes Too Wet

If the washer isn’t spinning properly, it’s not removing enough moisture from your clothes. As a result, the dryer must work harder, and won’t dry your clothes optimally. If that’s the case, you should call a technician to service your washing machine.


Call The Professional Dryer Repair Specialists – Simplyfix Appliance Repair

You don’t need the hassle of trying to deal with a dryer that isn’t drying. Trying to fix it yourself often results in nothing but frustration with the situation if you don’t have the appropriate experience, know-how, and tools for the job.

Call a professional dryer repair service in Maple Ridge BC to assist you with your dryer repair. Simplyfix Appliance Repair will get your dryer back in order, with affordable estimates and top-quality service all over Maple Ridge and surrounding areas like Pitt Meadows.



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